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Weaver Green

Tasha and Barney Green, the people behind Weaver Green, are sustainability superstars.

Inspired by the founders’ travel across Asia, where they saw fishermen using plastic bottles to make rudimentary ropes, Weaver Green makes beautiful, soft, handwoven bags made of yarn spun entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric has all the practicality of plastic, but the look and feel of natural wool. Each bag contains yarn from at least 70 plastic bottles.

With over 30 billion plastic bottles finding their way into our seas each year and over 90% of all marine birds having plastic deposits in their stomachs, the founders felt it important to look at creative and useful ways of recycling plastic bottles and making them into valuable and beautiful additions to our homes.

The fabrics are handloomed in independently inspected weaving houses across Asia that are committed to employing skilled adults, who are paid fairly and enjoy comfortable and fair working conditions. The bags are then finished in Devon.

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