VILDNIS was founded by Danish born Ulla Vitting Richards, who grew up just outside one of the largest cities in Denmark, surrounded by fields, forests and the crashing waves of the sea. As well as proudly bearing the title of ‘happiest country in the world’, Denmark is a frontrunner in sustainability. Freedom, fairness, honesty, responsibility and protection of the environment are part of the national DNA – as well as VILDNIS’ values.

Yellow longsleeve ecofriendly top


The idea for VILDNIS slowly started to manifest itself in 2014, when Ulla decided to fill her Christmas wish list with cool ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands. She discovered a few brands, but they were all quite artisan and ‘eco-looking’, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it was too much of a compromise for Ulla, a rock-chic at heart, and the list ended up empty…

She started wondering why only a few of the high-street fashion brands offer (half-hearted) sustainable collections. Having working in the fashion industry for years - including as Head of Product for Britain’s leading high-end activewear brand – Ulla has witnessed the numerous strengths of the industry, as well as many of the tired and devastating practices it has cultivated around the world. She knew that it is possible to source amazing sustainable fabrics that look and feel exactly like the conventional fashion fabrics – and at a reasonable price.

Ethical fashion brand founder Ulla from Vildnis

Similarly, she also knew that it is possible to choose factories who treat their workers nicely, including paying fair wages, without having to position the brand in the premium or luxury category.

It suddenly became clear to her that it wasn’t just about changing her personal shopping habits – it was about changing the norms in the fashion industry. And about challenging and changing the perception of sustainable fashion. 

With VILDNIS, Ulla and her team want to show you that it is possible to shop sustainable fashion AND maintain your usual cool style & image at the same time. That eco-friendly and ethical fashion can be just as contemporary, edgy, affordable & audacious as conventional fashion!

All of VILDNIS’ products are manufactured in Portugal and India by factories who are Sedex and/or SA8000 certified, and all workers are paid a living wage and treated fairly.

The brand only uses fabrics that fall within category A and B on a scale from A-E with A being the eco-friendliest option according to (link below), apart from a bit of stretch in some of the fabrics to prevent ‘baggy knees’. All prints are digitally printed to minimise water usage, and new technology using air instead of water saves around 200 litres of water per denim garment.

As such, VILDNIS is both easy on the eyes and on your conscience. Shop the collection here.