The beautiful night and loungewear by Noctu shows that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With minimalist style and made of luxuriously soft organic cotton, you can be sure you’ll enjoy the night dresses and harem pants for a long time to come.

Founded by sisters Zoë and Milly based between Bath and Oslo, the family business is fuelled by a desire to create ethically made, beautiful, minimal night and loungewear. The founders dedicated years to find the right manufacturer, and decided on Assisi in South India, which is fairtrade certified and works with GOTS certified organic cotton. An established ethical manufacturer, Assisi also provides ongoing training programmes, with an emphasis on women empowerment, and has established a dedicated cancer hospital specialised in treating people affected by chemicals used in conventional cotton production. So by treating yourself to something special to wear at night, you are also supporting a very special social project.

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 Founders Zoë and Milly