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About us

We love sophisticated, feminine style that is beautiful inside and out.

And we want to know what our favourite garments are made of, that those who made them were treated well and that we are paying a fair price for great quality.  

As a fashion lover you can be a big driver for positive change in the garment industry, which has some major issues around transparency, working conditions and environmental impact. But none of us can solve all problems all of the time. Finding truly stylish, great quality, ethical pieces for work and play takes time. You are busy, and you don’t want to compromise on style.

We get that.

That's why we are committed to building your one stop shop for innovative, conscious clothing that makes you look and feel beautiful from bedroom to boardroom, whether you are killing it at work or at the gym.

Sustainable Fashion

We research our brands thoroughly, are very selective and are proud to be bringing our favourites together in one convenient place, with full information to read up on if you wish. And we want to prove to you that beautiful, high-quality, conscious style is available at comparable prices to equivalent brands you've loved for years. 


Our brands have close relationships with their producers and can guarantee fair working practices. To limit the environmental impact, they don't use non-biodegradable synthetics or pesticide-heavy conventional cotton. Instead they opt for organic, more sustainable fabrics, or use pre-consumer surplus fabric creatively. Above all, they produce great quality, timeless pieces we think you will love season after season. For detailed information on what sustainability means to us, please see here.

And we are doing our bit, too! Our packaging is recycled and recyclable and we are working on ways to bring you entirely trash free delivery in the future.

Organic cotton, sustainable fashion

Most of all, we are crazy passionate about our customers! If you have a question, comment, compliment or complaint, we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting Sheer Apparel, it's a pleasure to have you.


Founder of Sheer Apparel