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These fabrics keep you cool in summer

These fabrics keep you cool in summer

While we all love the warmer weather, humidity, absence of air conditioning on the commute or an overly powerful one in the office can present a bit of a challenge when it comes to looking and feeling your best all day.

But it’s not just copious amounts of iced latte that can make you feel better. Your choice of fabrics in your outfit can significantly add to your comfort – and your look. Here are our favourite fabrics to wear in in the heat. 


Best when: It’s hot outside but the aircon is freezing.

Linen is an incredible, natural fabric. Made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is known for its insulating properties, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when the aircon is on full blast. It can also wick away a little bit of sweat much better than other natural fabrics. It feels crisp and luxurious and is generally easy to care for. Because of its structured look and slightly rough feel, garments made of it are really something special. Our favourite linen pieces this season are our Dora Pants and the Oda Drop Print Trousers.

Sustainable trousers

Oda Drop Print Trousers

Sustainability knowledge – Linen is a very sustainable fabric, growing fast and requiring very little fertilizer or pesticide compared to other natural fabric plants such as conventional cotton. It’s also a very strong fibre that means your favourite pieces will stay beautiful for a long time.

Dora Linen Pants - Now on sale

Organic Cotton

Best when: Temperatures are variable.

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear overall, and comfort is key when temperatures are rising. It’s breathable, so it's great for different types of weather, and really easy to look after, which is great news when you want to wash your clothes a bit more frequently in hotter weather. Among our cotton favourites are the Jackie Dress and the Daruma Dress for hot days at the office, and the Powderblue Shorts and one of our new Cropped Tees for the weekend.

Daruma Organic Cotton and Modal Satin Dress - Now on sale

Sustainability knowledge – The wider availability of organic cotton is great news for cotton farmers, soil health and to avoid any chemical residue in our clothes. 


Best when: You want to look great from your morning meeting to afterwork drinks.

Synthetics are high performance fabrics and can have great technical properties. They detract moisture – handy, when it’s a little hot – but they are also easy to care for and don’t crease or crinkle. Our faves this season are our Reversible Shift Dress – it keeps you cool and looks impeccable all day – as well as the Sleeveless Tops in 3 easy to wear, classic colours.

Affordable sustainable fashion brands

Reversible Shift Dress

Sustainability knowledge - We’re careful about synthetics, which are non-natural fibres and wreak havoc to the environment if discarded. That’s why we only stock garments made of high-quality recycled synthetic that are made to last a long time, and then eventually recycled again if need be.


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