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The Sustainable Lifestyle Valentine’s Gift Guide

The Sustainable Lifestyle Valentine’s Gift Guide

Whether your man needs a little prompting or you’re looking for inspiration for a great Valentine’s treat for yourself, we’ve put together a selection of gifts we’d love.

Occasions like this can sometimes make us feel compelled to buy something, anything! At Sheer Apparel we think it’s always a beautiful thing to understand where your gifts come from. Plus, that amount of thoughfulness is sure to impress. 

First dates

It's early on in the relationship and your going for the classic gift of roses this Valentine's day? Make them extra thoughtful. The Fairtrade Foundation certifies flowers available at a number of well-known retailers, which ensures that people processing them are able to work in safe conditions and receive a small premium per stem over regular prices. The foundation works with flower producers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Uganda and Tanzania.

This short article explains why fairtrade flowers matter and where you can buy them.  

Fairtrade roses and fairtrade flowers


Throes of passion

Here’s some lingerie our customers have been going crazy for and we assume that goes for their other halves too. All pieces are made from end of line fabrics such as intricate lace, have been designed with beautiful attention to detail and are made ethically in the UK and in Germany. Really something special.

Oh and since you’re so crazy in love, take a look at Hanx, the first 100% natural, fairtrade condoms.  

 Ethical lingerie


Met the parents

So you’ve been together a little while and are looking for something a tiny bit more commital. Or, what the heck, you’re buying yourself something nice. Jewellery maker Oh My Clumsy Heart's designs are all made of responsibly sourced metals as well as, thanks to their minimalist style, an absolutely foolproof gift.


Minimalist responsibly sourced jewellery


It’s all happening (oh, oh)

It’s getting serious, is it? If you’re looking to pop the question this spring, or are waiting for it, check out ethical jewellers Ingle & Rhode. Unlike most jewellers, they are experts on truly conflict free diamonds and produce very special rings. If you would like to learn more about why the standard certification for diamonds is not enough, have a read of our interview with one of Ingle & Rhode’s founders.

 Ethical diamonds from Ingle&Rhode

Something you’re looking for not on this list? We love a challenge. Email us at and we’ll do our best to help.



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