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The Future of Fashion - A chat with sustainable fashion label Jan 'N June

The Future of Fashion - A chat with sustainable fashion label Jan 'N June

Anna and Jula from innovative, sustainable fashion label Jan 'N June are women after our own hearts. Keen to shop for fashion more thoughtfully but frustrated by the type of sustainable fashion readily available, like us they took matters into their own hands and started what is now one of Europe’s coolest sustainable fashion brands.

We were lucky enough to grab a few moments in busy tradeshow season to quiz them about their inspiration as founders and get some weekend tips for their cool hometown, Hamburg.

You have built Jan 'N June into a recognised brand with international reach in the sustainable fashion space in only a few years. What motivated you to start the label? 

We started out of our own need. Back in 2013, when the idea came up for the first time, we’d been drinking wine and complaining about how hard it is to find sustainable and affordable fashion brands that don’t only produce T-Shirts and hoodies. About a year later we started JAN ‘N JUNE.


What does sustainability mean for your brand?

Fair production, less environmental impact, transparency, simplicity.

What inspires your designs? 

That’s a question that we’re asked a lot. Most of the inspiration comes from our daily life, our friends, travel and the environment.



What are your favourite pieces of your current collection?

We are most proud of our black Skinny Trousers and the cool Amal Top.

How do you describe JanNJune in three words? 

Sustainable, affordable, fashionable. 

Sustainable fashion brand

The label’s hometown Hamburg is incredible in summer. Any recommendations for a weekend there?

Yes! Make sure the weather is good ;-)

And besides that, drink Mojitos at Strand Pauli, eat Pizza at Jill’s, shop local at B-Lage Hamburg, check out Möwe Sturzflug or Luba Luft Bar for nightlife.

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