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Sustainable lingerie – How to make delicates last for longer

Sustainable lingerie – How to make delicates last for longer

Our underwear is one of the things that come closest to your skin. We therefore favour lingerie that is made with care and from beautiful, sustainable fabrics, so that putting on your knickers feels like a little luxury to start the day with. That also mean we invest in quality pieces that stay gorgeous for a long time.

We asked one of our lingerie brands, AmaElla, the makers of incredible ethical lingerie, about their expert advice on how to make your sustainable bras and knickers stand the test of time.

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  1. It’s time to wash!

There is an unappreciated importance of taking extra care when it comes to handling your lingerie. A high-quality lingerie set requires that extra step due to the nature of the fine materials. In order to preserve the natural dyes, the fitting, and the softness of the items, it’s suggested that you hand wash your lingerie.

As a solution to help you, we have a brand in mind. Soak Detergent is a washing option that was developed to be as easy on the environment as it is on your clothes. It’s a no-rinse solution that will provide your lingerie with a light fragrance and preserved softness. Did we mention? It’s also a more sustainable solution! 

Lingerie expert for Rigby & Peller, suggested that bras should be washed after two wears. However, if you don’t exercise in your bra, washing after four wears should be more than enough.

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While it’s a great idea if you can, realistically you don't always have time to hand wash. We have a solution for that: use washing machine safe lingerie bags. These little bags of magic can ensure that your lingerie won’t get caught in the drum of the machine. You can place all your lingerie in one bag and wash them by themselves.

If you do that, make sure to clip the hooks of your bra together in order to eliminate getting the pieces tangled into one another. In such case, putting the washing on delicate wash and low heat is also advisable but read the labels for best instructions. 

Secret! Did you know that AmaElla lingerie stays soft and beautiful even after 50 washes?


  1. Dry lingerie, dry!

The washing is done! Next step is drying the lingerie. As sometimes we are all tempted to just toss it into the tumble dryer, we are here to try our best to discourage you from that. Drying fine lingerie items in the tumble dryer can cause shrinkage and/or expansion. If you have a small 1m x 1m drying area and 40 seconds, hang your lingerie out to air dry. 


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SustainablyChic for AmaElla


Also be careful when drying your lingerie in the sun. While it brings out a fresh scent, as with all clothing, it can cause the colours to fade. So if possible, find a mildly warm environment with limited or no exposure to the sun. By air drying them you will also be saving your electricity (tumble dryers are one of the most energy intensive household appliances) and  do good for our fragile Earth. Thank you!


  1. Fold it or don’t fold it?

Don’t panic! We know that sometimes it’s a challenge to put it away in the wardrobe in a way so that when you take it out it’s crease-free. With a large variations of bras (to name a few: contour bra, underwire bra, push-up bra, bralette, strapless bra, minimiser bra) we are faced with the uncertainty of how to store these delicate items. The easy scenario is that your bra doesn't contain wires and push up materials.

Organic cotton soft bra racer back

In that case, you can easily fold them in half and place them neatly on top of each other. The more difficult scenario is when your bra is a push-up bra or an underwire bra. In this case the best thing to do is to twist the bra in the middle and fold the cups into one another in a way so that both cups remain curved. This will ensure that when you grab it to put it on, the materials in the cups will have kept their shape. Easy, as one… two… folded!  

If you prefer soft bras, have a look at the AmaElla soft bra. It combines simplicity, softness and sustainability all in one perfect bra.


  1. Lingerie on the road

You are getting ready to leave for your holiday! You are packing your bras in your suitcase when you realise that the suitcase is a more compressed than your drawer. The bras will be squished by other things. If possible, stack them on one another and make a neat little pile. If you happen to have the option to choose the bras you take, we suggest that you take some of your easily-foldable bras such as soft bras or bralettes.


organic cotton lingerie bag


These perfect items can easily be packed either by rolling them up neatly or folding them as you would normally. Travelling made easy!

Psst… If you buy an AmaElla bra on Sheer Apparel, you get a free lingerie bag! Even better to put all your lingerie together in your luggage. It will protect it and it’s more hygienic.


  1. Wear it with Love, Protect it with Care

That beautiful matching lingerie set is your favourite and you always feel so good when wearing them. We are happy that you love them! Protect them by ensuring that you don't wear clothing over them that could cause discolouration.

This can occur when the clothing you have on top was done with a poor colour dying process, which is unfortunately the case for many mass-produced garments. Watch out for garments that transfer colour and choose quality clothing from sustainable, independent brands if you can.


AmaElla make beautiful, high quality lingerie from organic cotton, lace and velvet in collaboration with a carefully selected social entreprise garment factory. Join their growing rank of fans and explore their collection now.






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