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Sustainable fashion – what it means to us

Sustainable fashion – what it means to us

We started Sheer Apparel because we were missing something.  

We care deeply about having a better relationship with fashion – with more thought for the makers and greater care for the environment, all while continuing to enjoy dressing in beautiful, sophisticated clothes.

But we were finding it time consuming and frustrating to track down sustainable fashion brands we loved in every way, and felt that existing multi-brand shops did not stock all we needed for work and play, our yoga class as well as special occasions.

So this is what we are building. Sheer Apparel is a store for the woman who likes to dress well, be informed and feel good about fashion. A shop that helps you discover the very best sustainable fashion brands from across Europe, for all occasions, with every single garment selected for style, quality and our sustainability standards.

Ecofriendly fashion brands

With ‘Conscious Collections’ and ‘Eco Edits’ on the rise, all meaning different things, we want to be fully transparent about what sustainability means to us, and what you can expect from Sheer Apparel. If you have any comments or questions, we always love to hear from you at

Sustainable fabrics 

Using high quality, sustainable fabrics can limit negative impacts on those at the beginning of the supply chain (often that’s the farmer), ensure resources are used wisely, keep your favourite garments stay beautiful for a long time, and reduce the environmental impact when they come to the end of their useful life.

We therefore only select garments that are made of more sustainable fabrics  

  • Organic cotton - Still a thirsty crop, but a huge improvement on exceptionally pesticide intensive conventional cotton that can damage the health of farmers and soil.
  • Wool – Knitwear from high quality wool is exceptionally long lasting and does not need to be washed often, reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Linen – A superstar fabric made of flax, which needs a little water and not much else to grow, and which produces garments that are beautifully crisp, keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Lyocell or Tencel – Fabrics made of woodpulp in a process that uses much less resources than for instance, cotton, and produces very little waste product. It’s silky soft and resistent and ideal to be made into your favourite pieces.
  • Recycled fabrics – Some garments need a synthetic component, such as tights. All our garments made of synthetic materials use only recycled fabric.
  • Vintage and end of line fabrics - Leftover, never-used fabric is a common occurrence in the fashion industry. We work with designers that save these gems from landfill. 

All our brands seek to finish their garments to an exceptional standard, so you get years of use out of them if you wish. They are trend-aware, but design with an eye on wearability through the seasons.

Production ethics 

Fashion remains is labour intensive. Whatever you are wearing, a person has made it. And while that means fashion has helped create jobs for people who did not have many opportunities for formal employment previously, it is also undeniable that many people working in garment production are underpaid and seriously unsafe. We've been buying fairtrade coffee for over a decade. The motivation for fair fashion is no different.

We only work with suppliers who can prove conditions along their supply chain are reasonable and fair. Importantly, that does not mean that we boycott any particular countries. In fact we love hearing from brands that make aspirational clothes in fair conditions in South Asia, for example. For practical reasons, however, we work with many brands that produce within the EU where labour laws are strong. Where brands produce further abroad, they use factories that work with the Fair Wear Foundation or are otherwise under strict observation to adhere to internationally accepted labour rights certifications.

We believe that fair fashion is the future. Join our community by signing up to our newsletter below and discover more.



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