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Siku Moja - Everyday Luxury

Siku Moja - Everyday Luxury

Ethical lingerie sustainable fashion lace knickers organic cotton
Beautiful sustainable fabrics, small-scale production and designs inspired by world travel. Siku Moja's lingerie and loungewear is the latest addition to our collection, and, with its unique details, sustainable fabrics and two inspiring female founders, it is a brand after our own hearts. We spoke to founders Elly and Jo about their inspiration.
What is the brand about in a nutshell?

Creating beautiful, classic and timeless pieces of loungewear. The brand was borne out of our dream of creating a place where the pace of life is not driven by trend or season but in a shared interest to live a more sustainable and balanced life. 'Siku Moja' means 'one day' in Swahili. 

What inspires your designs?

Craftmanship, timelessness and working with beautiful materials, which have been thoughtfully selected from ethical sources and our passion to create something precious out of a sustainable journey.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To us sustainability means balance. Valuing the environment and the people we work with. Valuing craftsmanship and the time and space it depends upon to achieve it.

Building open and transparent partnerships with micro-businesses, small producers that specialise in handmade production, and with our customers.



You take great care when sourcing fabrics and selecting where the pieces are made. Can you tell us a little bit about this?

We work with microbusiness and small producers that specialise in handmade small-scale production and sourcing vintage or end of line fabrics (which would otherwise be wasted). Our 100% organic cotton is sourced from a family business in Wales who work in partnership with a smallholding farm in Kerala, India, certified by GOTS. The cotton is made in small batches of 100 to 300 meters and woven by artisan weavers on small power looms.

We enjoy and have fun discovery either vintage finds or end of line off cuts of lace from vintage boutiques, online and spontaneous market finds to make each design unique. If we do buy new, we buy from the last manufacture of lace in the UK.

Our printed material is off cuts of Tanzanian fabric, brought from small micro tailoring businesses in Tanzania. These little hidden fabric details add unique layers to each piece.

Our products are handmade by Heba, a unique women's training centre in East London, which help women integrate in the community. The centre trains women in sewing and pattern cutting skills and also offer a small production unit for employment once trained.



What are your next plans, what can we look forward to?

Because we are a new start-up we are constantly developing and evolving our business model at the moment. Although this can be very daunting at times it is a key part of what drives us as we are committed to thinking and rethinking what sustainability means and what it should look like in practice so we continue to grow.  

We hope lots of limited edition versions of some of our existing pieces and definitely some new timeless designs to add to our capsule collection, The Everyday.


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