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Sheer Woman Sallee -

Sheer Woman Sallee - "Trust is the magic ingredient for building community."

We love being inspired by women who are passionate about their work and who have a strong sense of personal style. 

To say that this month's Sheer Woman Sallee has been busy is an understatement. With decades of experience helping businesses grow, last year Sallee decided to go it alone and do something different. In only a few short months her community, Tall Guides, dedicated to encouraging tall women to love their difference, has grown into a digital magazine and much talked about brand. We spoke to Sallee about ambition, inspiration and personal style.

What is Tall Guides all about?

Tall Guides is an online magazine supported by an inspiring, international community of tall women. We host a global conversation about fashion, lifestyle, work and wellbeing with like-heighted ladies. Our exceptional team of contributors are talented bloggers, writers and experts who have built relevant and meaningful relationships with an audience who think, feel and often look, just like they do.

We’ve started publishing fashion and footwear guides and have recently launched our first range of eco notebooks, emblazoned with height related positivity of course! I’ve also signed a deal for a book aimed at the next generation of tall girls and although I‘m always spinning what seems like hundreds of plates, I never lose focus on the fact that whatever I create, whatever we say yes to has to add value to our reader’s lives.

If you were asked for three key factors to the success you’ve had in your career, which would you pick?

Difference – Standing at over 6’5 in a pair of heels takes care of this point most of the time but I’ve always been a bit of a one off; a freespirit, a non-conformist, a Sallee! I do things in my own way, I question anything that doesn’t feel right to me and I have an aversion to rules for the sake of rules!

A strong moral compass – Now don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people who would say that my moral compass was a negative in business. As an opportunist, I love to take advantage of any opportunities as and when they arise but never at the expense of others, ethics or morals. In my world, there is no excuse for wasted opportunities. I’m a natural connector and even if I spot an opportunity that I know isn’t for me, I pass it on with no strings attached so that someone else can benefit. This may not have directly impacted my ‘career success’ but it’s definitely played a leading role in my personal success.

Attitude – I’ve been through some ridiculously challenging times from a very young age but it doesn’t define who I am and it certainly isn’t going to be my excuse. Even in the most adverse situations, you’ll always find me looking for the positive or trying to figure out what I can learn. If I can find a lesson or use my experience to benefit another person, then it’s all been worth it. I’ve always had an ‘anything is possible’ approach to life and I genuinely believe that limits are only in the mind. My attitude has played a massive part in the success I’ve enjoyed in my career.

    Tall Guides Ecofriendly Notebooks

    Tall Guides ecofriendly notebooks

    What or who inspires you?

    I have lots of regular go-to sources of inspiration depending upon my mood - from Eckhart Tolle and Osho to Brene Brown and Oprah but ultimately I am inspired by human potential, compassion and nature.

    How do you describe your personal style, and how does it affect how you feel?

    My passion is for people, business and brand building so most of my life has been spent working, building, creating and wearing a lot of black. I’m more no-nonsense uniform than put together fashion girl but I definitely have my own ‘work style’.

    I love quality fabrics and outfits that ooze elegance and simplicity, ones that form interesting silhouettes that can be accessorised with hints of bohemian eccentricity and a pair of massive sunnies!

    The right combination of all of these things can transform a good day into a great day!

    Sheer Woman Sallee in the Jessa Shirt Dress

    Sallee in our Jessa long shirt

    Sheer Apparel curates sustainable clothing women truly want to wear. What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

    I’m an entrepreneur and a creative whirlwind so it’s always been important that my outfits move with me, keep up with me and don’t let me down after a couple of wears. For me, sustainable fashion has always represented both ‘cost-per-wear’ on investment pieces and recycling what’s already out there (I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for as long as I can remember)

    My thinking around this is shifting. Like many of us, I would like to see more transparency from the big brands - it doesn’t matter whether it’s food, beauty products or fashion; I would like to know who made it and at what cost to people, animals and the environment.

    What’s next for Tall Guides?

    Working with rapid growth businesses has always been my preferred space to play in so it’s no surprise that Tall Guides is growing rapidly, albeit rather organically. It’s nearing its next stage of development, which will involve adding some more people into the mix. We’ll also be developing the product range and launching the book later this year with a hundred other tall things scattered in between!

    You can find the Tall Guides community here, and Sallee's brand consultancy here.

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