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Muka va - The best in Scandinavian sustainable style

Muka va - The best in Scandinavian sustainable style

We are proud to help bring Finnish sustainable fashion brand Muka Va to the rest of Europe. It’s about a year ago that we travelled all the way to cool Helsinki to first meet the brand and were immediately smitten with its clever, flattering designs.

We love founder stories - How did Muka Va start?

MUKA  VA was founded in 2003 by four fashion designers. We had just graduated and were full of  passion to make perfect clothes. For us that means that clothes have to be well made, look good and make you feel happy. First we had just our own store in our home town Tampere but now we have 40 retailers in Finland and 10 retailers across the rest of Europe. Today MUKA VA has two designers, Anna Mattelmäki and Emilia Kiialainen, who are also the owners of the brand. In addition, we also have a sales team, Roosa Saastamoinen and Niina Kratz.

Scandinavian design is admired the world over and you’re a proudly Scandinavian label. What does that mean to you?

We love Scandinavian style and purity. It’s in our roots, we grew up in an environment which admires Vuokko, Marimekko, Artek, Muurame and Lundia, classic Finnish design brands.


Scandinavian sustainable style


How do you hope your clothes make your customers feel?

We believe that if you feel good you look good. We want to offer clothes that are comfortable but still sophisticated and wearable in work and leisure as well. We hope that our customers feel beautiful in them.

You have a flagship store in Tampere. What has been your experience with it?

Our own store has been very important for us, at first our clothes were only available there. Now we have shown that there are market for us and label is known better and better and have more and more retailers. But despite that MUKA VA store is still very special and close to us, it’s our base and we always hold our team meetings in there.



Running a fashion brand is hard work. How do you relax when you have time off?

We enjoy nature so we love walking and running in a forest and watching birds. Anna has a trampoline in her garden, that we like to jump on! Of course the company of our families and friends are the best way to relax.


Explore the Muka Va collection here.

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