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Mila Vert - Key pieces for sophisticated style

Mila Vert - Key pieces for sophisticated style

Mila Vert solved one of our sustainable style problems. Finding sophisticated, beautifully tailored pieces that are ethically made, as well as completely office appropriate, that make you feel your best before heading into that big meeting.

Although this is a great time for exciting sustainable brand launches, finding key pieces for the more classic work look is still a bit of a challenge. Enter, Mila Vert. We spoke to the brand's founder Tina Logar Bauchmüller about her work and style.


What inspired you to launch your sustainable fashion brand?

I’ve been in love with fashion since I was little. I went on to study something quite different, Economics, and went to live abroad. But even then I always wanted to create my own brand, to have the freedom to be creative and to be connected to fashion.


Ethical fashion brand chic

Straight neckline Shirt Dress


The Netherlands and Sweden, where I lived during my studies, are quite advanced in terms of sustainable living, sustainable energy and products. I was always inspired by these concepts. My hometown, Ljubljana, is also very environmentally friendly – in fact it was voted the European Green Capital last year. So, I’ve been influenced by sustainable thinking from all sides.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Mila.Vert only uses ecologically sound fabrics with the highest available environmental certificates, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and IVN BEST. These guarantee that all parts of the supply chain have been monitored - from fabric production to the decent treatment of workers.

We work directly with two family owned garment factories here in Slovenia, so we have a very transparent supply chain. This way we have really strong control over the quality of the finishing of our garments, and also we can be sure that workers are treated well.


Ethical fashion for the office

Side cut pencil skirt


We always try to improve. We think a lot about packaging, for example, so we use recycled paper and eliminate any unnecessary packaging. The inside packaging of all our orders consists of an organic cotton drawstring backpack, rather than additional plastic or paper.

How would you describe the brand in three words?

Sustainable, minimalistic, chic.

Is there a moment you can pin down that changed your mind about fashion?

Not really, it’s been a journey. I’ve always been interested in local designers and learning about the stories behind products, so that naturally led to a curiosity about how and of what things are made. These days, social media provides a big opportunity to learn about new brands and sustainability.

Running a business is hard, especially one that wants to do everything right. What is your biggest challenge as an emerging brand?

When your business is based on strong values, it can be tricky to stick out amid all the other brands and still remain true to what the brand is about. When that happens, it is so important to remain authentic, be clear and be honest – to stick to your values and your vision.


Sophisticated style by Mila Vert

Organic cotton lace detail top


On a practical level, because we are a relatively young, growing brand, sourcing great fabrics can be challenging because we can’t buy huge quantities like bigger brands. But we are committed to quality and I’m happy that in the end we always find fabrics that we are really excited about.

What’s your favourite piece of the collection?

Our shirt dresses are really the signature pieces of Mila.Vert. I also really like the lace detail top, it’s what I wore most throughout this summer.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I enjoy looking elegant and chic, but also completely effortless. I also love feeling casual and comfortable. In fact wearing really well tailored clothes that with sneakers or flats still look well dressed…that’s what I aim for.


Sustainable fashion brand founder Tina from Mila Vert
Mila Vert founder Tina Logar Bauchmueller


What other piece from the Sheer Apparel collection is on your shopping list personally, and why?

I love Sheer Apparel’s lingerie and sleepwear selection. Especially beautiful bralettes from Siku Moja and comfortable and beautiful sleepwear from AmaElla.


Organic Cotton Triangle Bra by AmaElla


What’s next for the brand? 

We add new pieces to the collection every few months, instead of big new collections every 6 month, in true slow fashion style.

We’ve been discovering lots of new inspiring fabrics, which has given us new design ideas. And we are planning a small line of raincoats and summer clothing pieces in bright colours for next summer, so there is a lot to look forward to.  


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