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Love what you wear - A chat with personal stylist Abigail Rebecca.

Love what you wear - A chat with personal stylist Abigail Rebecca.

Not only can confidence in your personal style make you feel amazing. It also means that fewer abandoned fashion mistakes clutter up your wardrobe and ultimately go to waste.

We spoke to fabulous Abigail Rebecca, who ditched a successful corporate career to become a stylist and help other women find clothes they love to wear.

What motivates your work as a stylist?
I'm a Personal Stylist because I have a deep desire to help men and women achieve their full potential by looking and feeling great. A very influential leader in the business world once said to me "If someone comes to see me and they don't look smart, I don't do business with them. It is because I feel they haven't made an effort, that I’m not worth their effort and they don't invest in themselves. Therefore I won't make an effort with them and I certainly won't invest in them.”

That's when I really understood the power of clothes and our personal image. Never underestimate the message you are sending to the world by the clothes that you wear and most importantly, the way you feel when you are wearing them.

Abigail Rebecca Personal Stylist

What are your top tips for making my wardrobe more sustainable?

  • Do your homework. Look for designers and retailers that have a good ethical policy in place that can guarantee fair working practices.
  • Fabrics such as non-biodegradable synthetics not only feel uncomfortable and look cheap, they are also bad for the environment. Opt for natural fabrics such as organic cotton or linen.
  • Choose quality over quantity, your clothes will last longer and be more sustainable.
  • It’s not just the clothes. Look for a retailer that uses sustainable packaging.
  • Don’t throw your clothes away. Can they be repaired or altered? There’s some amazing tailors out there that can work wonders. If the clothes really are beyond repair then re-cycle.

How do you work with your clients? What’s the process?

I usually work with my clients over a period of time so that they can learn from me. I give them confidence and the knowledge to last a lifetime. This is what sets me apart from other stylists. I invest in my clients. I care about the outcome, not just about the latest designer handbag.

The most important thing is that my clients and I have a natural rapport and a mutual respect for one another. An initial meeting gives me the opportunity to really get to know the client as I’m not just styling her based on her looks, but also her personality. During the consultation I can also gage the colours, style and fabrics that will suit the client.

Next step is the wardrobe cleanse. This can be quite a spiritual experience as I am decluttering the space and leaving the individual with a wardrobe full of clothes that make them look amazing. Imagine opening your wardrobe every morning knowing that you have so many clothes to wear as opposed to nothing to wear!

The next session is the wardrobe style. This means styling the client in their existing clothes from their lovely fresh, recently cleansed wardrobe. There’s no point taking someone shopping until I know exactly what’s in their wardrobe and how many outfit options they have. That means there is a real strategy behind my work and I save the client time and money. 

Then we shop! I like to think that coming shopping with me is quite a lovely experience. I do all the hard work and then take the client to see the clothes that will make them look and feel amazing. Even the most reluctant shoppers find this an enjoyable session.

Following the shopping trip I will design a personal look book, with all the different outfit options, so my clients always have something to wear.

You can find more information on Abigail's work on her website.





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