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And we're live!

Welcome to Sheer Apparel, we really hope you like it here! 
What began as a humble blog celebrating great sustainable clothing brands, innovative fabrics and a more conscious style is now a store, and we couldn’t be more excited.
Sheer Apparel is built on three simple principles.
Firstly, the love of truly beautiful style that’s fun and feels fabulous.  Sustainable fashion first and foremost means choosing high quality items you are going to love for a long time. It’s as simple as that.
Secondly, the knowledge of the growing number of covetable brands that are shattering outdated stereotypes of what ‘sustainable fashion’ means. If hemp is what you are after, you’ll have to look elsewhere. (Though if you are a brand making contemporary, beautiful clothes from it, we love being proved wrong…)
Thirdly, the desire to cut the research out of finding truly desirable and affordable clothing suitable for work and play. Just because you like to look good and prefer to shop ethically, you shouldn’t have to spend your Sundays trawling the internet just to end up with a shopping cart full of compromises.
There won’t be any lecturing from Sheer Apparel. We're problem solvers, not preachers. 
But what we do want to do is to give you a convenient option to have a positive impact with your next clothing purchase. And we are big believers that positive change starts with the person in the mirror. 
There is no hiding from the fact that Sheer Apparel is a business on a mission. Our brands use organic cotton, sustainable natural fibres such as linen and bamboo, as well as high quality recycled- and luxurious end of line fabrics. And they use no sweatshops – ever.
With that, you can rest assured that your choice is a more positive one. By shopping at Sheer Apparel, you’ll make a better choice for the environment and especially for the people in the supply chain, particularly women, as the vast majority of garment workers are female.
We can’t wait to meet some of you at our Pop Up stall at the Escape Winter market on the evening of Friday 11 November in London and look forward to meeting the rest of you fabulous people at the very next opportunity!

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