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Style Crush - Why Ethical Fashion ambassador Emma Watson loves surplus fabric

Style Crush - Why Ethical Fashion ambassador Emma Watson loves surplus fabric

Emma Watson is a woman after our own hearts.

She is one of the rare celebrities that use their fame to raise the profile of important social issues. And not as an occasional side gig, but so consistently that you sometimes forget she is mainly an actress.

For quite some time now, she’s embraced sustainable fashion as one of the issues she passionately campaigns for.

And man, does she look good doing it.  

Most recently, she has committed to wearing only sustainable outfits for the press tour of her latest movie. If you’re looking for a new style crush, head over to her Instagram account specifically created to document the tour. It’s stunning.

One look that’s created a bit of a buzz is a pastel blue off the shoulder gown she wore to a premiere last Saturday. What’s so special about this particular dress, especially on the Oscar’s weekend? There’s no shortage of photos of beautiful women in dreamy gowns.

Sustainable fashion campaigner Emma Watson

What’s different is that the dress is made of end-of line fabric from a family run business in London specialising in surplus couture fabric.

Most women probably can’t claim that couture designers are queuing up to dress them in a custom made outfit. But that’s not the point.

The point is that from couture to the high street, surplus fabric is a big issue. Because the typically long lead times in the fashion industry make it hard to predict demand for a particular garment and plan accordingly, which not rarely results in rolls and rolls of perfectly beautiful fabric going to waste.

This matters because not only is creating high quality fabric quite an involved and resource intensive process. It’s also wasteful and sometimes highly polluting, as the capacity for fabric recycling is still less developed and widespread than, say, plastic packaging.

Ethical lingerie

Luckily, stunning clothes made of surplus fabric are no longer just accessible for the privileged few. More and more exciting labels are buying up fabric that’s never been used, but is sitting in storage and making stunning, sustainable fashion out of it. Two of our favourite’s are Sheer Apparel’s favourite lingerie brands Anekdot and Iris London.  

Not only do these brands avoid beautiful fabric going to waste. They have access to materials of a quality that you just don’t see on the high street, such as thick, vintage lace, which is handcrafted into spectacular lingerie. Because production runs are small, these beautiful pieces are also really quite exclusive.

We’re sure even sustainable fashion hero Emma Watson would approve.  




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